Best Spot Weld Cutters

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Are you searching for the right spot, weld cutter? As a welder, you need to buy the best spot weld cutters if you want maximum satisfaction. Sub-standard spot weld cutters will not give you the desired results, which is why we have reviewed the available and popular spot weld cutters in the market.

Our goal is to ensure you have the best products for your welding. Do you desire the best spot weld cutter? If your answer is yes, then this is the right place for you. We have reviewed the best options in the market and prepared the best products for you. Pick weld cutters that fit your need.

We also give you a detailed guideline on how to install the spot weld cutter and use it properly. We aspire to provide the best tools for your needs and ensure you have peace of mind and enjoy maximum satisfaction. 

Best Sport Weld Cutters

Spot weld cutterBlair 11096Handook VAGYDEEEkit Rotary Spot Weld CutterLisle 51900
Brand Blair Handook Vagyd EEEkit Lisle 
Weight 1.6 ounces6.4 ounces3.2 ounces2.2 ounces8 ounces
Material M2Heat resistant steelHQ heat resistant steelHeat resistant steelHigh Quality steel
Diameter 3/8 inches3/8 inches3/8 inches3/8 inches– 
Dimensions 8x6x1.5 inches3.9.3.7×1.1 inches6.6×2.4×0.6 inches6x1x1 inches14.5x3x0.5 inches
Number of cutting blades 3622
Warranty Limited Limited Limited Limited Limited 

Comparison Chart

51IjAw GfLL. SL500
Blair – Spotweld Cutter Set 3 3/8In. Cutters Arbor & Pil (11096)
51KrKrSv4kL. SL500
Spot Weld Cutter, Sheet Metal Hole Cutter, Punch Remover Panel Separator for Power Drill Welding Auto Body Work Tool, 3/8 Inch Drill Bit Tools
51I8krAZAuL. SL500
Spot Weld Cutter Set,13 Pcs 3/8″ Rotary Spot Weld Cutter Remover Drill Bits Tool and 2 Replacement Blades,Metal Hole Cutter Remover for Power Drill Spot Welding
41NBcLbgiCL. SL500
EEEkit Rotary Spot Weld Cutter Sets Double Sided 13-pack, 3/8″ HSS Spot Weld Cutter Remover Drill Bits Hex Sheet Metal Hole Cutter Remover for Power Drill Spot Welding
21sw5zTdalL. SL500
Lisle 51900 Spot Weld Chisel

Blair 11096 spot weld cutter set

51IjAw GfLL. SL500

It’s our top pick because of its quality and several benefits. First, Blair is a top spot weld cutter brand in the industry. It comes with a maximum of three cutting bits in the package kit. You can use the three cutting bits for maximum satisfaction in your spot welding project. 

The spot weld cutter has arbor assembly and two skip-proof pilots to maximize your welding project. Blair 11096 spot weld cutter works with 1/2 inch and one-inch sheet metal and other metals. The weld cutter made using state-of-the-art technology and high-quality materials to give you a smooth and clean cutting experience. 

Working with Blair 11096 gives you burr-free cutting and exceptional efficiency. It’s suitable for heavy-duty use and the three-bit pieces are all 3/8 inch cutters. The multiple cutting teeth give you long-lasting usability making it a great product for both professional use and DIY projects


  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Burr-free cutting
  • Durable tool
  • Smooth finishing
  • Fast and precise to install 


  • Costly
  • Limited warranty

Handook Spot Weld Cutter, Sheet Metal Hole Cutter, Punch Remover Panel Separator for Power Drill Welding Auto Body Work Tool, 3/8 Inch Drill Bit Tools

51KrKrSv4kL. SL500

The spot weld cutter gives you outstanding cutting experience and is among the best reviewed spot weld cutters. 

The product comes with six cutting blades enclosed in a nice kit box. It features 3/8 inch double-sided blade diameters and comes with Arbor fits 1/4 inches that fit any larger drill. 

The weld cutter is precise and gives you smooth cutting all the time. It easily cuts a sheet of metal when used on the upper part, as opposed to the lower part. The main reasons are because the centering tips are spring loaded. Also, the kit box comes with three centering tips. 

The spot weld cutter is useful in DIY and professional jobs. It perfectly handles long-time spot removing jobs and gives you a good return on investment. You get one 3/8 inch cutter, six 3/8 inch cutting blades, and fit 1/4 inch for larger drills. 


  • Quick and precise
  • Kit box inclusive
  • Made of heat resistant steel
  • Smooth removal and water resistant
  • High-speed rotary metal cutting 


  • Limited warranty
  • Slightly expensive

VAGYD Spot Weld Cutter Set,13 Pcs 3/8″ Rotary Spot Weld Cutter Remover Drill Bits Tool and 2 Replacement Blades, Metal Hole Cutter Remover for Power Drill Spot Welding

51I8krAZAuL. SL500

The spot weld cutter set gives you perfect elegance and features a double-sided durable high-speed rotary metal cutting edge/blade. This is made of high-quality and heavy-duty heat resistant steel. 

The spot weld cutter features a 3/8 inch cutting edge diameter. This size can perfectly remove spot welds. 

In the package, you get two additional double-sided cutting blades and two extra Arbors. However, to maximize the durability of the blades use temperature lubes. 

Vagyd spot weld cutter set has a spring-loaded center pin to give you perfect cutting. Buying this product means you don’t need extra blades, and the weld cutter can handle both metal sheets and spot-welded panels. 

It easily separates spot-welded panels or metal sheets without distorting them. 

It’s designed for reliable cutting with maximum durability and can handle heavy-duty cutting. The 1/4 inch standard-sized Arbor eliminates spinning and fits larger drill bits. 


  • Durable blades
  • Universal fitting to any drill
  • Smooth burr-free cutting


  • Limited warranty

EEEkit Rotary Spot Weld Cutter Sets Double Sided 13-pack, 3/8″ HSS Spot Weld Cutter Remover Drill Bits Hex Sheet Metal Hole Cutter Remover for Power Drill Spot Welding

41NBcLbgiCL. SL500

This spot weld cutter is made from high-quality heat-resistant steel. It features a 3/8 inch cutting blade diameter and fits for 1/4 inch of any drill machine. The product comes with two pieces of 3/8 inch rotary spot weld drill and additional four weldingmaniac08-20nt metal cutter blades. 

The four weldingmaniac08-20nt cutting blades are useful in heavy-duty cutting projects and can handle cast iron, aluminum sheets, carbon steel, alloy steel, drill holes, fix your vehicle among others. It can cut small access holes and separate spot-welded metal sheets or panels. 

The product is versatile and can perfectly handle heavy-duty applications. It has an impressive thermal resistance, and even a beginner can use the cutter. It’s a smart investment with a long-term usability guarantee. 

The blades are easy to replace and are double-sided for high efficiency. 


  • Easy to use even by beginners 
  • Comes with four weldingmaniac08-20nt blades for extended longevity 
  • Versatile and can handle multiple applications 
  • Smooth cutting 
  • High strength 
  • Long-lasting arbor 


  • Limited warranty of a month 
  • Durability not like earlier mentioned cutters 

Lisle 51900 Spot Weld Chisel

21sw5zTdalL. SL500

This is a 180-degree spot weld chisel. 

It handles your metal panels without damage and easily separates spot-welded panels. You can use it on the metal panels after it has been drilled out. The chisel is easy to use and you need a hammer to drive the blade through the panel seam. 

For effectiveness, regularly sharpen the spot weld chisel blade. You can offset for clearance and sharpen it on three sides. The sharpened edges need regular sharpening as they wear out fast depending on the frequency of use. Use the grinding wheel to sharpen for high efficiency. 


  • Strong and highly efficient 
  • Made from high-quality steel 
  • Handles metal sheets/panels without damage 


  • Limited warranty 

Considerations when Buying the Best Spot Weld Cutter

There are several spot weld cuter brands in the industry. Mostly, spot weld cutters are used when cutting spot panels, but you need the best tool from a reliable brand. Read the buying guide below to help you make a good decision. 

Quality of the Material

Top brands use high-quality heat-resistant steel, which is the best. A quality material gives you a long-lasting usability experience common with M2 steel. Steel produces the sturdiness and strength necessary to handle the strongest welds.  

Only premium brands like Blair, Zinger, Handbook, KCC, and Kauthof among others use M2 steel. Going for top spot weld cutter brands guarantees you durability.

Number of Cutting Blades

Ensure the brand you buy gives you at least two cutting blades. Some brands are generous and pack up to six cutting blades, which is a good investment for you. Always check the number of cutting blades included in the package before buying.


Warranty is an indicator of quality regardless of the spot weld cutter brand. A longer warranty is better and you can get a weldingmaniac08-20nt if there is a problem. 

Most affordable spot weld cutters have shorter warranties, which is understandable. Get your weld cutter from a reputable brand or manufacturer that can follow-through the warranty promise.  


Budget is always a determinant when making a buying decision. The prices of spot weld cutters vary depending on the brand. Check the current price and pick one that suits your budget. 

However, don’t compromise on the features or go for alternate cheap brands as it compromises durability and your long-term investment. 

How to Use the Spot Weld Cutter

The working process is simple. The weld cutter has a tiny centering pin that gets in contact with the panel, ensuring the cutter remains in position. The centering pin has a spring.

To start cutting, apply pressure. It works like wooden hole saws. Choose the most appropriate cutting head from your set to give you the best cutting.  

As you apply pressure, the spot weld cutter cuts through the metal sheet or panel. Spot weld cutters are popular because they are accurate and precise in cutting welds.  

What is Spot Welding?

It’s the process where a welder joins two metal panels of steel together. Spot welding is applicable on cast iron, low alloy steel, auto panels, and aluminum

Mostly, it’s used in the automotive industry to weld metal panels for the vehicle body and in the robotic and assembly line. Other applications include the manufacture of batteries and resizing metal.

Spot welding uses less material and energy, making it environmentally friendly. The welding produces reliable joints, and the process is quicker.    

Characteristics of Quality Spot Weld Cutting Tool

  • Securing the whole spot-weld in one pass
  • Work without leaving burrs 
  • It must leave incredibly smooth drilled holes
  • Should be easy to use and perfectly handle the metal panel without distortion. 
  • Fit easily into the drill

The strength of the spot weld is determined by the metal and electrodes. The shape and size of electrodes are the most important determinant as it helps to create the joints between the metal sheets.

The joint can be weak if you don’t have enough head or force in the connection. You need a strong current.  

Benefits of Buying the Best Spot Weld Cutter

Buying a quality spot weld cutter from a reputable brand comes with several advantages. Besides, with peace of mind and return on investment, you enjoy a long-term warranty. 

Below are prominent benefits that cut across top spot weld cutter brands. 

  • Heavy-duty working capabilities 
  • Extra-smooth finishing 
  • Fast cutting and extra secure experiences 
  • Burr free cutting without distortion of the bottom panel 
  • Quick work and easy to use 
  • Durable and you can do more spot weld projects 

Final Verdict

If you want a perfect spot weld cutting, you need to use the best spot weld cutter. The best spot weld cutters are only available in top brands but come with a high price tag. However, the cost is justified considering you get durability, efficiency, and many other benefits making it a good return on investment. 

We choose Blair 11096 spot weld cutter because it offers you more durability, accuracy in drill holes, and doesn’t distort underlying metal sheets. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need advice. 

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