Best Jackson Welding Helmet Reviews 2022

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For nine decades, there is a manufacturer that has been kept on staying by your side with its amazing welding gears. And that’s Jackson Safety. Whenever any welder plan to look for any gear like a helmet, this brand is meant to pop up in people’s minds.

As several decades were passed since their foundation, you will find several helmet options that proved to be amazing. But if you want to make the list short, then you will get the 3 best of them in this Jackson welding helmet review. All you have to do is, start from the 46129 model that is one of the top-notch products by Jackson Safety.

Best Jackson Welding Helmet Reviews

Comparison Chart

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Jackson Safety Welding Helmet, 46129 – Digital Variable Auto Darkening Filter, Lightweight Protective Welder Face Mask for Men and Women, HSL-100 Shell, Universal Size, Black
51A8OT3VrJL. SL500
Jackson Safety Insight Auto Darkening Welding Helmet – Ultra Lightweight Protective Welder Helmet with Digital Variable Auto Darkening Filter and HLX100 Shell for Men and Women, Universal Size
31UqOLGV8UL. SL500
Jackson Safety Welding Helmet, Lightweight, Durable, Flexible, Fixed Shade W10 HLX Protective Welder Face Mask with Black Shell for Men and Women, Heavy Metal Graphic, 20508

Jackson Safety 46129 (Top Pick)

31Zv1Oq+61L. SL500

To keep your neck protected, the 46129 by Jackson can be a great pick. It features an extended part of the slender HSL100 shell that protects sparks and spatter from reaching towards you.

The lens is wide with a viewing area of 3.93 by 2.36 inches through which you can get to enjoy a crystal clear picture.

With a variable shade range of 9 to 13, it gives you an opportunity to adapt to different working environments with ease. Not only that, but you can also use delay and sensitivity adjustments to easily suit your requirements.

There are 4 sensors that have been placed smartly so that the auto-darkening function works well. So, even if there’s an obstruction, they will deal with it. Moreover, the smart filters also let you adapt to the different working environments as you control the lens shade. Not only that, but it also provides sensitivity adjustments from ambient lighting sources.

The headgear feels very durable because of the firm structure of the shell. But you may find it heavy on your head due to this. Not just that, some of the users also complained about the headgear being pretty uncomfortable to wear.

That said, the model can impress you with its clearest vision. You can use it for different jobs while choosing from grind to weld modes.


  • Lens is wide and clear
  • 4 well-placed arc sensors
  • It offers great protection
  • Durable headgear
  • Firm shell


  • Heavy
  • Headgear is not very comfy

Jackson Safety 46101 (Best Value)

51A8OT3VrJL. SL500

You can say it is its Captain America appearance and style that make the helmet eye-catching. But that’s not the only factor, there are others as well which include functional settings and features. The hood does not only offer next-level support but appeals at reasonable prices as well.

The visibility offered by the hood is clear and vivid. With 3.93 by 2.36 inches, it provides you with a wider viewing area where there will be no obstruction of view.

Furthermore, it features a shifting shade from 9 to 13 lens that makes it ideal for different welding applications. Not just that, the hood also adapts to change pretty well so that you can work smoothly.

The helmet will be light and comfy to wear but you may find the headgear loose. While some users complained about this problem, some also felt the lens weldingmaniac08-20nt was a hassle.

Having said that, the setup of this model makes it feasible for no pain or stress at the neck or head since it’s lightweight.

It also features four independent sensors that make the welding job easier by keeping you protected. The controls are easy to use and the delay and sensitivity are easy to adjust.


  • Great looks
  • Lightweight headgear
  • Lens is wide and clear
  • It offers great protection
  • 4 well-placed arc sensors


  • Headgear doesn’t stay put
  • Lens is not easy to replace

Jackson Safety 20508 W10HLX (Editor Choice)

31UqOLGV8UL. SL500

W10 HLX also deserves to be on the list of Jackson welding helmet reviews due to its great design and construction. No matter what shape or size your head has, it will make an ideal choice.

Having been made of solid materials, it offers all the required protection against different dangers including flying sparks, fumes, and debris.

The big plus of the hood is its Hydraflex Shell through which you will have both flexibility and durability. Not just that, you will also find its hard hat adaptable with 187-S that makes the helmet comfortable to wear.

The helmet comes with a fixed shade which means it will darken to a fixed shade 10. This standard shade filter plate, as well as the cover plates, have already been installed at the factory. If you are welding materials of similar thicknesses with a limited amp range, then this can be the best pick. But for different welding applications, you may not want to have it.

Another con that many users pointed out is the wrong configuration of headgear mounts. If you want the mounts to make the hood move, then you need to reconfigure it.

However, W10HLX is simple to use. And the big plus is that you can trust it for heavy-duty projects as well.


  • Hydraflex Shell offers durability and flexibly
  • It offers great protection
  • Lens is clear to view
  • Comfortable headgear
  • Great for welding materials of similar thickness


  • Headgear mounts need reconfiguration
  • Not for different applications

Final Verdict

It doesn’t matter if you are a pro welder or a part-time enthusiast, you will need a solid welding helmet that will offer both protection and comfort. And to meet your requirements, Jackson Safety has made numerous models so that you get all the conveniences you want during your work.

Out of those several, these 3 managed to impress many of the welders due to which we thought to highlight them in the list. It’s not only because they have quality and impressive features, but because they deserve it.

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