can you weld galvanized steel

Can you Weld Galvanized Steel

Welding galvanized steel needs prepping first for it to weld like undercoat carbon steel. Attempting to weld galvanized steel without first removing the galvanizing coat results in formation of weld pop, or blow out which creates a health hazard. Can you weld galvanized steel? This depends on your preparation.  How to Prep Galvanized Steel for …

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How to Join Welders Union

There are two kinds of welders; union welders and independent welders. Independent welders work by themselves. However, to become a union welder, you must meet certification requirements. The question that most people ask is how to join the welders union?  First, get your AWS certificate then go through your local unions and pick one that …

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welding defects

Different Types of Welding Defects

Welding defects are irregularities or imperfections formed in a weld due to wrong welding techniques, patterns, or processes. These defects cause variations in the size, quality, and bead shape of workpieces.  Welding defects can occur at the weld’s exterior or interior surface. Some defects formed are insignificant because they are below the permissible limits, but …

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