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Best Hobart Welding Helmet Reviews 2021


No matter how much mightier you are, at the end of the day, you will need a solid helmet for superior protection. A perfect helmet does exist, all you have to do is, look for the one that will match your requirements. If all those countless options seem confusing to you, then simplify the options by focusing on models from a single brand.

If you are not sure which brand to go for yet. Then, we recommend you take a look at Hobart. The brand has several great models that have proven their worth with their performance. That is why we thought to highlight 3 of their most-liked models in the Hobart welding helmet reviews.

Hobart 770890 (Top Pick)

hobart welding helmet reviews

The Hobart 770890 falls into their Inventor series that has amazed every welder with its great balance and optical clarity.

The hood offers optimum protection for the eyes and face so that it can ensure quick switching to dark stated from the light state after it senses a welding arc. The transition will be as quick as 1/25,000 seconds to give you a great welding experience.

Besides, it is also stated to be great for different grinding and welding processes since it supports a light shade of DIN 3 as well as variable shades of 9 to 13.

Having it fitted with a smart and practical auto-darkening filter, you can ensure that your eyes will be protected from glares and rays. Not only it is great for being functional, but also impressive with better visibility.

With 9.3 square inches viewing area, it boasts to provide you with a clearer view. Although the dimensions are slightly lesser, that did not cause any issue.

There will be 4 independent arc sensors that will provide you with dependable arc detection to make welding jobs easier.

When it comes to adjustments, the hood has easy-to-use analog control settings for sensitivity, delay, and shade.

Not only that, but the headgear also features extensive adjustment settings so it can suit different needs and situations.

One of the downsides to this great hood is its short life expectancy. It has been made of polyamide nylon that has been claimed to be flimsy. However, if you take proper care, you may not face severe damages.

Another issue with the hood is that the headgear feels heavy. Other than these two, it can be a great buy.


  • Quick switching speed
  • Easy adjustments and settings
  • It offers great protection
  • Viewing will be crystal clear
  • Great for different applications


  • You may find it slightly heavy
  • Durability is not impressive

Hobart 770286 Flip Front (Best Value)

best hobart welding helmet

Grab this Flip Front model if you are looking for the cheapest option and light-duty use. As the name implies, the front of 770286 will flip up and down which will let you remove it as soon as you are done with welding the projects. It has been fully approved by ANSI, so its safety has been ensured.

The viewing size area measures 4.5 inches by 2 inches that you will find it a bit smaller which means, it won’t be ideal for heavy-duty use. But, it’s adequate for infrequent use.

Although the little hood is amazing for different welding jobs, and that it can face challenges like a pro, but it lacks an Auto Darkening filter. That means it will not auto-darken following the lighting condition. Not just that, you will also not find sensitivity adjustments in the hood.

However, the big plus is that it can offer a great clear view. So, you will get to see the objects perfectly while the lens will protect your face, eyes, forehead, and neck from flashes.

The headgear is comfortable. It has fit users of different head shapes and sizes. So, you will find comfort from the hood. Plus, it also comes with adjustable fitment so that you can enjoy the snug fit.

The hood comes with 10 variable shades. The issue here is that; the shade of the lens can be difficult to change which is a common problem among welders.


  • Great for lighter jobs and infrequent use
  • The view is crystal clear
  • It offers great protection
  • Light to wear
  • Headgear offers a snug fit with adjustment settings


  • Lacks auto-darkening filter
  • The shade of the lens is hard to change

Hobart 770869 (Editor Choice)

best hobart welding helmet review

Camouflage yourself with this great Hobart model that ensures 100 percent protection from harmful glares. It does not matter if it’s sunlight or electric flashes, your eyes and face will be protected by the 770869 models.

The hood includes 4 independent arc sensors that have been well placed for better performance in arc detection. So, if you are working in tight and narrow spaces where the sensor can be obstructed, then this makes an ideal choice.

It also incorporated grind mode that prevents the lens from getting darkened while providing you with clear and visible grinding.

When it comes to the viewing area, it measures 9.3 square inches which are slightly lesser than what you call wide. But that is not really a con since it offers a great and clear view of all the objects even when you’re welding.

The headgear comes with extensive settings through which you can make the adjustments for a snug fit. However, you may not like its heaviness which has been complained about by many users.

Talking about adjustments, you will also find options to adjust shade, sensitivity, and delay for added convenience.

A little downside here is its short durability as it has been made of Poly-amide Nylon.


  • Clear view
  • It offers great protection
  • Great for different projects
  • Easy adjustments and settings
  • Headgear offers a snug fit


  • You may find it slightly heavy
  • Durability is not impressive

Final Verdict

Hobart is a kind of brand that is preferred by many of its users starting from beginners to pros. They offer different models with some similar and dissimilar traits while ensuring great protection. And focusing on this particular factor, we listed these 3 models that grabbed positive remarks mostly in different Hobart welding helmet reviews.

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