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While stud welding is a popular welding method for a range of applications, you need to have the best equipment to do the job. With a marketplace flooded with many different makes and models, it will be difficult to find one in the stud welder jungle.

We made it a bit easier for you to find one that suits your needs in this short list. We will look at the many features and characteristics that made these stand out above the rest.

Sit back, relax, and investigate with us what the best stud welders have to offer to make a welder’s job easier.

Comparison Chart

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H & S Autoshot 4550 Starter Plus Stud Welder Kit
414OPn4vt0L. SL500
Motor Guard JO1550 Magna-Spot Deluxe Studwelder Kit
51 lBdobKuL. SL500
OIMERRY 110V Stud Welder Dent Repair Kit
51XM3IecDRL. SL500
Bestauto Stud Welder Kit
41Ej4qCAJ9L. SL500
Mophorn Stud Welder Kit

Best Stud Welder Reviews

1. H & S Autoshot 4550 Starter Plus Stud

51fI5cBfrPL. SL500

This complete welding kit from H&S Autoshot is a great addition to the toolbox of any serious welders out there. It comes loaded with features that make it a favorite among entry-level and welding industry experts, and it will also be a favorite for you.


This stud welder from H&S is easy to use with only one hand thanks to the sensitive trigger it is equipped with. This means that even in awkward positions, you can work well and get the job done easier.

This is a complete kit with everything included to get you started and make the job much easier. A hammer and 500 studs come included with the welder to save you time and money so you can start welding away.

Stud ease is a technology used by the manufacturer to make it much easier to get the welding done and save time and effort. This technology allows for more accurate welding and stud-removing capability for a more professional finish and to provide a secure hold.

To improve the overall performance of this welder, it has a high current rating of around 1500 amps. You can also use 2.2 and 2.6mm studs for improved versatility and saving time while on the job.

The two-year warranty included proves that the manufacturer has confidence in the durability of this welder kit.

Getting used to operating this welding machine will take some time and effort, which might make the task for beginners a bit difficult. What is great is that once you are used to this machine, it will work like a dream and you can keep going without interruption.

The construction of this stud welder is decent, but it is also not the best out there in the marketplace. This might be an issue for those who prefer a solid construction and feel for this type of hard-working equipment.


  • Easy to use after getting used to it
  • A nice, lightweight build
  • Different-sized studs can be used with it
  • You have a long warranty included with it


  • You have quite a learning curve to get used to this welder
  • The overall construction is not the best

2. Motor Guard JO1550 Magna-Spot Deluxe Stud Welder

414OPn4vt0L. SL500

With up to seven different configuration kits available, you will find one from Motor Guard that will fit your needs. The name instills trust and reliability in all levels of welders around the world.


The long power cord included with this stud welder makes it much easier to use on the job site. This abundance of length also means that you have slack on the cord when you need to work in a place where a short cord may impede productivity.

A lightweight and ergonomic design and construction further increase the ease-of-use factor to make your job a bit easier. The overall durable build will help this welder to last for a long time for many hours of great welding.

The Magna-pin system allows a more precise placing of the studs for a more secure hold on the metal. This also means that you can perform a neat and professional-looking job without a lot of effort on your part.

A heavy-duty slide hammer comes included for an easy gripping option without the pins slipping from it. The cast iron design and vinyl grip improve the comfort level so you can get the job done the right way.

There is more; you also have many different extra accessories included in the kit to make your job a bit easier. The overall reliability of this stud welder makes it a popular choice with body repair experts.

What is not great about this stud welder is that it supports only one stud size, which takes away some of the versatility. This means that you need to change the welder or the welding tip to accommodate a different-sized stud.

You will find that sometimes the stud will just fall out of the welding tip and you need to place a new stud. This will take time and will be cumbersome for the welder, especially if they are in a hurry and need to get the job done.


  • It has a very strong and durable construction
  • A long power cord is fitted on the welder
  • Many extras are included with this kit
  • A very long warranty is included


  • This welder will only support one stud size 
  • Sometimes the stud will just fall out all by itself

3. Oimerry 110v Stud Welder Body Repair Kit

51 lBdobKuL. SL500

With a nice design and durable construction, you can not go wrong using this welder in a professional setup for good results. With a whole range of accessories from the manufacturer, you have everything you need from the same stall to get the job done professionally.


A long list of extra accessories comes included with this kit to make the repair job much easier for professionals and beginners alike. Some of these extras include a variety of hook heads, extra nails in different sizes, and different electrodes.

This kit’s strong carry case has room for extra accessories to make it easy to carry to the work site. It also means that you can easily and securely store the stud welder in a safe place when it is not in use.

An option to adjust the welding time makes this stud welder a versatile tool to be used for different body repair applications. This means that you can adjust the time to make a perfect attachment on many different types of materials for much better results.

This stud welder from Oimerry supports the use of two different sizes of studs to save you time and effort. This also means that the welder can easily be used for a wide range of applications, including metal elastic deformation and other body repairs.

With great portability, this welder is an ideal option for the DIYer and professional in the car body repair shop.

With only a one-year warranty included with the machine, you would think the manufacturer has little faith in its equipment. With a sturdy feel to it, you would think a longer warranty would accompany this professionally manufactured type of equipment.

Even though you can create strong joints with this welder, it is not really designed to be used on thicker metals. This simply means that it can only be used to provide secure attachments on thinner metals and other thin types of materials.


  • Safe to use with overheating protection
  • The welding time can be easily adjusted
  • A durable carry case for a secure storing option
  • Great for beginners and experts


  • A short warranty included with this welder
  • This device is not suitable for thicker metals

4. Bestauto 5500 Stud Welder Kit

51XM3IecDRL. SL500

If you are looking for a stud welder that brings professionalism and ease-of-use capability to the work site, this is the option. With a wide range of stud welder kits available, they have one for every type of body repair application you might need one for.


The overall design and construction are sturdy and durable to make this stud welder from Bestauto last for a very long time. This means that you pay for what you get, which is good and reliable quality and top-notch craftsmanship.

With its strong design, this welder is suitable to be used for a wide range of body repair applications hassle-free. It can be used with many materials, including metals and other softer materials for repairs and deforming.

With a high current draw of around 1600 amps, this is a high-performing welder for many different stud welding and repairing applications. It can reliably be used in all conditions, and it will keep on working without fail for quite some time.

An easy carry case provides you with a good mobility option so you can take it with you to the site where you need it. It is also a complete kit with all the necessary accessories included to make it easy to get started.

With great 24/7 customer support, you will have the peace of mind that your problems will be solved as soon as they come up.

For those who need an affordable welder, this is not the preferred choice of tool due to the high price tag attached to it. Even though you pay for quality, those who work with a tight budget will look elsewhere for a more affordable stud welder.

With only a short electric cable fitted on the welder, working at spots where you need some slack will be difficult. This means that you need to always carry an extension cord with you even if you are working close to an electric outlet.


  • It has a sturdy and solid build
  • Easy to use with simple operation
  • Safe to use with overload protection
  • It is a complete car body repair kit


  • It comes with a high price tag attached
  • A short electric cord is fitted to this stud welder

5. Mophorn Stud Welder Kit

41Ej4qCAJ9L. SL500

This strong and durable stud welder is a great option for the beginner who doesn’t have much money to start with, but it also comes loaded with good quality and great features to make the repair job a bit easier while keeping it professional.


The fact that this welder from Mophorn comes with a very low price tag attached doesn’t mean that it is of inferior quality. This makes it a great option for the DIYer at home to get started without the need for high capital outlay.

For increased quality, it is made with durable construction to make it a good investment for your hard-earned money to last longer. It also comes with a wear-resistant feature to add to the overall durability and longevity of the welder.

With an easy one-hand operation option, you can use this stud welder in all positions for a good application. Even if you have to work in a small space, you will be able to do so without sacrificing the quality of your work.

A thermal protection feature is included to protect the welder from overheating and causing damage to your tool. It will auto shut off when the welder reaches a temperature of 203 degrees or higher for better efficiency and protection.

Many useful accessories are included with this stud welding kit that will make your repair jobs so much easier from the word go. This includes a heavy-duty slide hammer for more efficient work. The durable case keeps everything together for easy transport.

Unfortunately, this stud welder from Mophorn comes with a very short time cycle which will slow down the work. This means you are going to wait for quite some time for the connection to be properly secured, which is not good.

Without the overload protection you expect with this type of electric tool, it is not that safe to use without great care. That means you will have to keep a constant eye on the welder to prevent overloading and damage to the equipment.


  • Comes with a very affordable price tag attached
  • It is wear-resistant to last longer
  • Easy one-hand operation option
  • Strong slide hammer included with the kit


  • It comes with a short time cycle
  • There is no overload protection included with this welder


The one that stands out above all is the Motor Guard JO1550 Magna-spot deluxe with its heavy-duty construction and many extras that come with it. For those who don’t have a large budget to work with, the just as good Mophorn stud welder kit is a great second choice.

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