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Welding is a hazardous job that involves flying hot particles and debris that can cause injuries when they come into contact with your skin. Welding pants offer protection against radiation, allow for swift movements, and minimize damage from any welding accidents that might occur. Therefore, when you buy these pants, you need to ensure you get only the best quality that will not only shield you but also last as long as possible.

If you are a welder looking to purchase welding pants that can offer the above benefits and even more, you are at the right place. Below is a list and review of the best welding pants out there. Read on to find out which of these options is the best for you based on your budget, needs, and preferences.

Comparison Chart

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QeeLink Welding Pants
PTAHDUS Men’s FR Cargo Pants
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Carhartt Men’s Flame Resistant
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Caterpillar Flame Resistant Cargo Pant
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MAGID SparkGuard FR Pants

Welding Pants Reviews

41 yDWwaQkL. SL500

This pair of pants from QeeLink comes with a buckle closure and are 100 percent cowhide leather. QeeLink is known for its quality in designing, developing, and manufacturing protective equipment. Every step involved in making their products is elaborate to ensure that the final product is of premium quality and meets the needs of their customers. In addition, QeeLink offers several protective welding clothes and gloves; among them are sleeves and spats, gloves, hoods, aprons, and jackets.


The Qeelink Welding Pants offer superior protection and are convenient, given the split leg design. They are heat resistant, so there will be no burning or catching fire easily. You are safe from flames and spatter. 

They are also not as heavy as other pants, which makes them easy to put on and wear for long hours without feeling discomfort. When putting on the leggings, you will notice the standard plastic snap buckles that hold the pants over your clothes. It is easy to adjust them courtesy of the simple pull straps. 

The QeeLink pants come in three lengths that give you full coverage and protection when you work. Since they are made from split cowhide, they are more durable than most other pants. The sewing is done with US Kevlar, a strong and heat-resistant thread. Immense attention is paid to the detail to ensure it remains of great quality. 

The pricing of these pants is just fair; they offer you decent protection with high quality, generally getting the job done and leaving you satisfied.

If your work requires you to have your tools and accessories handy, you will enjoy using these pants as they come with extra pockets to give you as much convenience as possible. 

One downside we picked up about these pants is they have a strong odor when they are new. However, the smell eventually disappears. Overall they are worth the money.


  • High-quality cowhide leather
  • Offers superior protection from flame and splatter
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Extra pockets are convenient to have
  • Easy-to-use buckle closure


  • The pants have a strong odor when you first get them

2. PTAHDUS Men’s FR Cargo Pants

Regarding innovative designs and guaranteed quality, PTAHDUS should be your go-to. They are big fans of the new-tech lifestyle and understand the difficulties and inconvenience that goes into the usage. The company, founded in 2016, aims to give its consumers the best possible quality without compromising on quality. They also do this at affordable prices. For this reason, most products take about a year to research, looking into the materials and manufacturers before a new product is launched.  


The PTAHDUS Men’s cargo pants have a suitable hip circumference that allows for more work flexibility. Unlike other pants, these pants come with the appropriate level of thickness. 

Most people complain about how stuffy pants get because they are too thick; you won’t have to worry about that with these pants. There are also large storage pockets that allow you to conveniently store all the parts and accessories you want to keep on you. The pockets include two deep front pockets and four extra ones. They also come with a special knee design that does not tear easily as other pants do.

These PTAHDUS pants will work great for electricians, iron workers, and welders; they meet industry security compliance, including the HRC 2, NFPA 70E ATPV 8.9 cal/cm2, and NFPA 2112. 

The fabric allows for comfortable use; it is also abrasion resistant and resistant to flame. This helps to reduce distractions from the sparks that might result when you are working, thus allowing you to remain concentrated on the work and less on the hazard. 

On washing care, you can wash them in a washing machine under 140°F and tumble dry them low at 160°F. Overall the pants are soft and feel nice to wear; they are also light and very soft. 

The PTAHDUS pants also stretch. However, if you are a fan of slim pants, you might want to skip them as they might be too loose for you. Some people enjoy the looseness as it makes them more comfortable, but to others, it might be a dealbreaker. It’s also recommended that when you purchase these pants, go a bigger size than you are to ensure they fit perfectly.     


  • Comfortable and abrasion-resistant
  • Features improved hip circumference
  • They have storage pockets
  • Meets industry security compliances
  • Flame-resistant for added safety
  • A special knee design is great to have


  • Pants might be a little too loose for some people  

3. Carhartt Men’s Flame Resistant Work Dungaree

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Carharrt is not just known for making workwear; they are known for their trust, honesty, and dependability. The company makes high-quality clothing that its consumers need. In addition, most of the products stand the test of time; Carharrt believes that actions should always speak louder than words, and thus it’s no surprise that their products are worn by the most hardworking people out there. These pants are no different.


The Carhartt Men’s flame-resistant dungarees are of great quality. They weigh about 13 ounces and constitute 100 percent cotton which is flame resistant. The pants come with utility pockets that give room for everyday accessories like cell phones, rulers, or tools. 

There is also a hammer loop if you have one of those tough work days. The risk of wear and tear is also minimized courtesy of the stronger reinforced belt loops. 

When it comes to the fit guide, you get three options. First, there’s the straight traditional fit that fits closer to your body but gives room for the thighs and sits just below the waist. Next, a relaxed fit sits at the waist and offers more thigh space. Finally, there is the original loose fit; this one sits slightly above the waist, and the thighs have a lot of room. 

The main seams are triple stitched, and in addition to that, the leg openings conveniently fit over work boots. 

Carharrt pants are NFPA 2112 and NFPA 70e compliant. They are also durable, but you might notice fading after washing them for a while. Overall, for its price, you get highly durable pants that will hold up and serve the intended purpose and make them a worthy purchase.


  • Convenient reinforced belt loops
  • Comes with utility pockets
  • NFPA 2112 security compliant
  • Leg openings fit well over work boots
  • Durable – made to last for years


  • Subject to fading after regular washing  

4. Caterpillar Men’s Flame Resistant Cargo Pants

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Caterpillar products are always an ideal choice for pants that are rugged and tough enough to withstand the harsh conditions of any workplace. The company is known globally for its integrity, durability, great performance, and excellence. Caterpillar incorporates these attributes into their products to make the modern workers’ wardrobe reliable and efficient.   


Caterpillar Men’s Cargo pants are fire-resistant, comfortable, and breathable. You will be okay with having them on for long hours when you are working. They weigh 9 ounces and contain a 88% cotton and 12% nylon twill blend; they are lightweight and much better than leather, duck, or denim pants. However, because they are lightweight, they are not heavy; if you want heavy pants, this isn’t the one for you.

These pants are reliable in case of a fire and reduce the damage that burns may cause through self-extinguishing. They are also durable and do just fine, even in the most rugged conditions. A rugged oxford double-layered knee gives you long-term protection and prevents wear. A high-quality brass button and zipper are there to finesse these pants, and triple-needle stitching ensures the seams remain intact.  

The knee darts are there for easy articulation and allow various movements and comfort courtesy of the diamond crotch gusset. 

The pants feature four-pocket styling, including two reinforced side pockets and two front pockets. On the right side of the pants, there is a secure cell phone pocket that features layered pen pockets, the same case for the left side. 

However, you should note that the cargo pockets are a bit lower than other pants, almost at the knee. This may feel inconvenient for some wearers. The upper pockets could also have been better if they were a bit deeper.  

The leg opening is around 20 inches to fit above the boot. Caterpillar flame-resistant pants are NFPA 2112 UL certified and comply with ASTM F1506, 70E CAT, AND ATPV 11.5 standards.


  • Allows for a wider range of movement
  • Double-layered knees are convenient to have
  • Offer a lightweight and comfortable feel to them
  • High-quality brass and zipper button
  • Reliable flame resistance


  • Cargo pockets are lower than you might expect
  • Upper pockets are not deep 

5. MAGID SparkGuard Cotton Pants

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Keeping workers safe is the number one priority for MAGID GLOVE. Their team includes industry professionals, skilled manufacturers, and a worldwide network of suppliers. Their products have been a success because of the way they go about production. MAGID does onsite assessments and aims to help you tackle the tough safety challenges you are likely to encounter. In addition, they aim for true expertise and offer personalized services. It’s not about the job regarding MAGID; it’s about the legacy.     


If you work in the steel industry and do a little bit of welding and maintenance of metal fabrication, these pants will serve you well. They retain their flame-resistant capabilities even after up to 50 washes. 

The pants are well-cut and made from cotton to make them as lightweight as possible and make them easy to move around when you work. They will also save you on costs as you won’t spend as much money as you would on heavy-welding clothes or leather. 

Everything about these pants was well thought of during production, from the belt loops, the zipper with leather reinforced front snap, and two rear and side patch pockets. 

The MAGID pants are ASTM D6413-99 certified. The manufacturer understands that the users of these pants work in conditions where electric shocks, ultraviolet lights, and flames are common; thus, protection is crucial. 

The heavy-duty design is certain to keep you safe from most workplace hazards allowing you to focus on your job without worrying about injuries. When purchasing these pants, remember to get a pair larger than your actual size to ensure that they fit just right and are more comfortable and flexible. 


  • Durable flame resistance
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Leather-reinforced snap on the zipper
  • Relatively cheaper
  • Side and rear pockets are convenient to have


  • Inaccurate sizing

Final Verdict

When purchasing welding pants, there are several factors to consider. It could be the brand you want to get, the budget you have, the material of the pants, and the size and fit, among many others. The pants we’ve reviewed are affordable, durable, and certified, as they meet various safety requirements. 

QeeLink pants are the best if superior protection is what you desire the most. If you want pants that have the most points for innovative design, PTAHDUS Men’s cargo pants will be your go-to. Carhartt Work Dungarees are of great quality and dependable on the job. Caterpillar Flame resistant pants are great if you are looking for the toughest welding pants out there, and finally, MAGID Welding Cotton pants work in most jobs that require protection. The latter is also convenient in most scenarios. 

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