Best Welding Magnets for Flawless Welding: Buyer’s Guide 2022

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The welding process turns into a piece of cake with the help of welding magnets. However, without the right ones, your workpieces will scatter around, and you won’t get the perfect results.

So, you might set out to find the best welding magnets. However, things can get tough because of the endless options in the market.

That’s where we step in with a complete guide on the welding magnets. This blog won’t only review the top magnets in the market. Rather it’ll also guide you to figure out what you should be looking for in a magnet.

And don’t worry, we did our research for over a week to help you out. So, you can put your faith in us. Plus, we promise to stay unbiased here.

Alright, enough said. Let’s get started-

ABN 2400 Arrow Welding Magnet 6 Pack25, 50, and 75  45, 90, and 135 degree
Strong Hand Tools MVDF44 Magnets18Not limited to 45 or 90 degree
Spurtar SP-TMH0259A4 Arrow Welding Magnets25 45, 90, and 135 degree
Strong Hand Tools MSA46-HD  Heavy Duty Adjust-O Magnet6545 & 90 degrees
J&R Quality Tools Strong Welding Arrow Magnets5090, 45, 135, and 180 degrees 

The Functionality of A Welding Magnet

We understand that you might be eager to jump into the review of the products. But before having a run-through of the products, let’s take a moment to learn about the magnet. This will help you have a clear idea about the items.

Alright, back to the topic. Do you know how the welding magnets work?

Well, they have the same properties as ordinary magnets. That means even this type of magnet has a north and south pole. And when two similar poles are placed near each other, they repeal.

On the other hand, when the opposite poles are placed close to each other, they attract. But why does this happen?

Well, let’s not get too deep because it’s a bit technical, and you might get bored. So, the summary is the magnets are charged objects. Thus they can affect other charged items and metals.

Classification of Welding Magnet

Another essential info section that you should know is the types of welding magnets. Well, generally, there are 2 types of magnets available.

One is permanent magnets, and the other one is an electromagnet.

Now, you might be expecting that permanent magnets are something that never loses their charge. But no, they’re the magnets that can attract other materials whenever these items come near their magnetic field region.

However, they can lose their magnetism in certain cases. For instance, if they’re overheated or thrown too harshly. Other than that their magnetism also fades over time.

On the contrary, electromagnets are the magnets that are created by running currents through them. This means that they don’t always stay magnetized. In fact, they can’t even create their own magnetic field.

Process of Cleaning Welding Magnets

Before buying a welding magnet, you should learn how to clean one effectively. This way you won’t face any problems while using them.

So, how do you clean a welding magnet?

Well, firstly you should put on some goggles to protect your eyes. Remember, safety is always crucial. Once that’s done, you should fire up the air compressor and throw a few rounds of air shots on the magnet.

This will carry all the dust away from the magnet. One more thing, make sure you carry out this task outside of your workplace. Otherwise, you’ll have to clean the workstation all by yourself.

Best Welding Magnets

Comparison Chart

41YiiJ6vC8L. SL500
ABN Arrow Welding Magnet – Metal Working Tools and Equipment, 45, 90, 135 Degree Angle Magnet, 4 Pack of 50 Lb Magnet
51W8hz1DtTL. SL500
Strong Hand Tools, Magnetic V-Pads Kit, Magnets On Both Pad Face & Bottom, 4 Piece Kit (XDV4: 2 pcs. 2″, Pull Force 12 lbs) (XFV4: 2 pcs. 2.2″, Pull Force 18 lbs), MVDF44
4Pcs 25LB Arrow Welding Magnets – 3″ Magnetic Welding Clamps Holder Metal Working Mig Tools and Equipment Workshop Magnet Welding Welder
51GWKS5l8IL. SL500
Adjust-O Magnet Square, Heavy Duty, On/Off Switches, Pull Force: 65 lbs, 4-3/8″ x 3-3/4″ x 1-1/8″, MSA46-HD, Strong Hand Tools
41fg0rtGhdL. SL500
4 Pack 4″ 50lb Strength Strong Welding Magnetic Arrow Holder Magnets Magnet

ABN 2400 Arrow Welding Magnet 4 Pack

41YiiJ6vC8L. SL500

Product Overview

Get ready to witness the best of the best welding magnets in the market. Drum rolls! It’s the ABN 2400 arrow welding magnet.

Firstly, you should note that this magnet has the strongest pulling force out of all the other magnets. Thus you can count on it to solidify all types of ferrous metals.

Moreover, this welding magnet is made of stainless steel. Thus it’ll last you a long time. And if that wasn’t enough, it also has a powdered coating, which adds to the magnet’s lifespan.

One more thing is that the magnet comes with 4 packs and each of the magnets is quite strong. Thus they can align your workpieces neatly and give you a space to work on your project.


  • Solidifies all types of ferrous metals
  • It lasts a long time
  • It neatly arranges the workpieces
  • It has a variety of applications


  • The 50 lb magnets can be too powerful for regular usage

Strong Hand Tools MVDF44 V-PAD Magnets

51W8hz1DtTL. SL500

Product Overview

On the second position, we have Strong hand tools MVDF44 V-PAD Magnets. Now, if you’ve been on the market, then you know that this brand is famous for making efficient tools that are worth your money.

But focusing on the magnet, we’ll say that the V-pads are the right fit for tight spot work and light duties. Moreover, they have 2 regular v-pads and 2 large ones; thus, you’ll have more magnets to work precisely.

Plus each of the pads has its own rare-earth magnets. This aspect makes the welding magnets perfect for holding and positioning different workpieces.


  • You can quickly set up the magnet
  • It comes with 4 pieces of v-pad magnets
  • Positions the workpieces nicely
  • The magnet works on both sides of the v-pads


  • Too much heat renders the magnet to be useless

Spurtar SP-TMH0259A4 Arrow Welding Magnets

Product Overview

One more welding magnet that you can look at is the King company SP-TMH0259A4 arrow welding magnets. They’re pretty decent magnets designed for small jobs.

So, what are the features for which this magnet is considered to be the right choice?

Firstly, these welding magnets have high gloss enamel endplates. That makes them relatively safe to hold. On top of that, your mind can also be at peace when working with this product.

Moreover, you can use this magnet to connect parts and separate steel plates. Thus it offers versatility when it comes to working.

However, this magnet is only limited to small jobs because it can only attract a piece within the range of 25 pounds.


  • It offers a safe welding experience
  • It can be used for multiple purposes
  • It offers a range of angles at which it can work


  • They are a bit crooked 

Strong Hand Tools MSA46-HD  Heavy Duty Adjust-O Magnet

51GWKS5l8IL. SL500

Product Overview

Another welding magnet that we have for you today is the Strong hand tools MSA46-HD  heavy-duty adjust-O magnet. We know it didn’t rank high in our eyes, but it does have certain features that can match your choice.

Firstly, we’ll like to point out that this magnet can work on both sides. Thus you get to use either of the sides, and that makes it more versatile in nature.

Moreover, this product offers you the option of turning it off/on. Thus you get to have full control over the magnet. Plus, you can clean it off pretty quickly. Hence, it makes things very easy for you.


  • Easy to clean
  • It lasts a long time
  • Easy and fast to install


  • Slides off at times when positioning

J&R Quality Tools Strong Welding Arrow Magnets

41fg0rtGhdL. SL500

Product Overview

Last but not least, we have the  J&R Quality Tools Strong Welding Arrow Magnets. Now, we know that this is at the end of the list, but we promise you that you won’t regret checking it out.

If you saw the comparison table, you know that this magnet offers you 4 different angles to work on. That creates a range of possibilities for which you can do your work. Hence, you get more versatility.

One more thing is that you can use it for a range of activities. For instance, you can use it for welding, installing pipes, soldering, assembling, and even marking off. Thus it’ll definitely serve its money’s worth.


  • It offers a range of angles to work on
  • It can be used for multiples uses
  • It comes with 4 pieces of magnets


  • The painting on the magnets are too thick

Buying Guide

Up until now, you have hurdled through a lot of info. Thus feeling a bit lost is quite normal. But don’t worry; we’ve come to the rescue with the buying guide.

This segment will help you navigate through the buying process by pointing out the features you should be looking for in a welding magnet.

So, are you ready?

The Pulling Force

The first thing you should look into is the pulling force. But what is that exactly?

Well, the pulling force is the strength of the magnet. This tells you how strong a magnet really is and how efficiently it’ll be able to attract your workpieces.

Remember, you should always go for magnets that have the ability to attract your workpieces. Otherwise, it’ll be a waste of money.

Holding Angle Versatility

One more thing you need to check is the number of angles at which the magnet can work. The more number angles on your magnet, the more versatile your welding magnet is.

And that’s a huge plus point for work. So, do look out for this feature.

Grounding Option

Moving on, you should also lookout for the grounding option on a welding magnet. This gives you added safety features as you don’t have to worry about the electromagnets getting too charged and hitting you afterward.

Option to Turn The Magnet On/Off

Lastly, having an on/off button is a huge win-win. Imagine this: you can turn your welding magnet whenever you have work and then shut it down again.

Plus, you’ll be able to clean the magnet quickly. Hence, do keep an eye out for such features.


Q. How to Use Welding Magnets?

Ans: You simply have to let the welding magnet hold your workpieces at your desired angle. Then you let them stay at their place while you weld the workpieces together.

Q. Can lifting magnets for welding distract the welding process?

Ans: A change in the magnetic field can cause a difference in the welding process. This is because it creates an arc blow that is not wanted during the process.

Q. At what temperature will a welding magnet lose its magnetism?

Ans: At  176° Fahrenheit (80° Celsius) or higher temperature, magnets tend to lose their magnetism.

To Sum Up

Well, we’ve reached the end of our article. But we sure hope we could help you pick the right welding magnet for you.

And remember, the best welding magnet depends on your preference. So, do think about the features that you want then make a decision.

Anyway, that’s all from our side. Adios!

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