Best Welding Boots – Complete Reviews with Comparisons

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When you are busy creating art with your welding skills or just making something functional, you need protection against the sparks. This protection includes everything from head to toe, which means you need proper welding shoes to keep you safe while working.

Finding good welding shoes to get the protection job done the right way in the vast marketplace is not an easy feat. That is why we made this list of the best available on the market with the right features.

So, find out whether these welding shoes will provide better protection than any other type of shoes.

Comparison Chart

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Timberland PRO Men’s 53530
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Iron Age Men’s IA5016
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Timberland Men’s Endurance 6″ Steel Toe
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ROCKROOSTER Work Boots for Men
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Michelin Men’s Sledge High Work Boots

Best Welding Boots Reviews

Timberland Pro MetGuard 83830 Men’s Steel-Toe Boot

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The manufacturers of these welding shoes at Timberland know how important your gear is to protect you from harm. After many years of experience in the foot safety wear industry, you can expect only the best with this safety boot from Timberland.


These safety boots are heat and shock-resistant, making them the perfect option for welding protection. We all know that not just any shoe will be able to resist the sparks from welding, so this will help to protect you.

With durable leather as the main material, the shoe tops will provide great protection for many years to come for the welder. The waterproof leather cover for the laces provides added protection for the top of your feet and prevents the laces from catching fire.

You also have very strong, durable rubber soles that are safe to use in most environments for a sure footing. That is because it comes with oil and abrasion resistance while it prevents you from slipping on wet and oily floors.

Even though it is not available in different colors, it is available in a wide range of sizes for most sizes of feet. The Kevlar treading and Goodyear welding will keep the shoe in one piece to keep your feet safe and secured inside these boots.

The fact that these boots from Timberland comply with ASTM safety standards makes them a safe choice.

This safety boot from Timberland is a bit heavy, so you will not be able to walk long distances with it. It’s great for the welder who stays mostly in one place but not for use on jobs where you take long walks.

Because this boot does not go up high enough to provide cover for the lower leg, it will not protect you from welding sparks. This means it can still fall in at the top of the boot and cause burns that you want to avoid with safety gear.


  • It is made from durable leather
  • This boot protects against heat
  • Safe to use with slip-resistant rubber soles
  • It is available in a wide range of sizes


  • This boot is a bit heavy
  • It does not provide proper protection for the leg

Iron Age GroundBreaker IA5016 Men’s Work Boots

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With innovative technology used to help protect your feet, these safety boots from Iron Age are a great choice for foot safety. They are designed to be functional and provide an improved aesthetic factor for the fashion-aware safety person.


To make it easier to keep your feet comfortable, the inner cushion can be easily removed to replace it when worn out. This is also a good way to keep the inside of your boot fresh for longer through regular inner cushion swap-out.

Synthetic soles are used to make them more durable to last longer, even in the harshest environments, you may work in. It will also help keep your feet protected and provide sure footing while moving around on uneven terrain.

The full-grain leather upper is strong and durable to last for a long time but is still soft enough for better comfort. This ergonomic feature will help to keep your feet comfortable and prevent early fatigue so you can perform better in your work.

Keeping this shoe together is the strong, durable Kevlar stitching to keep your feet protected and comfortable for many hours of work. This is enhanced with the Met Guard, which adds more protection against debris and accidents from falling heavy objects.

The overall design of these boots from Iron Age makes them great protective gear for different work applications. These boots are the ideal option for welders and more.

While these safety boots are made to display in a more fashionable way, they are only available in black color. You would think that if they thought about better style, the color would have been a factor, but that’s not the case.

Some people found that they need to order one and a half sizes smaller than what they usually wear for safety boots. This means you need to be sure what size you are choosing, or you are going to waste time returning it for the right size.


  • The inner cushion is removable for easy replacement
  • It is made from soft material for better comfort
  • Strong, durable stitches used
  • Very strong rubber outsoles


  • It is only available in the one color
  • The sizes are not standard on these boots

Timberland Pro Endurance EX MetGuard Men’s Boots

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As it is with everything safety from Timberland, you can expect nothing less than the best from these safety boots for men. They come with all the right features included to make them a safe option for the welders out there and people in other industries.


The rubber sole of these safety boots provides you with a secure footing and better grip while moving around over rough terrain. This means your feet will stay protected and safe from accidental damage in the work environment whenever you wear them.

The Met Guard feature also adds great protection for your feet and lower legs against heavy items that may fall on them. The leather and textile panels also provide great protection for the ankles when you need to move on uneven surfaces.

Better flexibility is provided so you can work in different positions without getting tired too quickly with the cement construction. These boots from Timberland are designed to reduce the break-in time considerably, so you can wear them from the word go.

Further under-foot protection is added with the puncture-resistant plate that comes included with these safety boots to keep you safe all the time. These plates are made from flexible metal materials to make it easy to move around with them without too much discomfort.

You will find that these safety boots are a great choice for welders with added protection all around the boot. They may not be great for walking long distances, however.

What is not that great about these safety boots from Timberland is that they are not waterproof at all. If you are working in or around damp areas, you would want to avoid these boots; they will get your feet wet at some point.

The design of these boots is not very comfortable and may cause your feet to get tired after some time. This is not good for welders who stay on their feet for hours at a time and need extra comfort.


  • Great protection for welders and others working with heat
  • Strong outer soles for better grip
  • Very little break-in time need for these boots
  • Safe for working around electricity


  • These safety boots are not waterproof
  • Not the most comfortable safety boot

RockRooster AK227 Work Boots For Men

41ZdrW6FP7S. SL500

Look no further than these if you want safety boots that provide ample protection at a great price. The work boots from RockRooster are built for comfort and protection with added style to make them a versatile piece of footwear.


The easy slip-on option of fitting these safety boots from RockRooster makes it easy for those who are in a hurry. This feature adds to the comfort of these working boots, making them a great choice for long hours of use.

This boot uses CoolMax technology to keep the feet comfortable for a long time without getting tired. This is also because of the anti-fatigue memory foam that is added inside the boot for a much better ergonomic fitting option.

For added protection, you have a steel toe cap that is covered with durable rubber to keep the toes safe all the time. This means that you can use these boots safely for welders and those in a range of other industries for your foot safety.

With slip-resistant outer soles, these shoes will keep you safe and provide secure footing in most environments and surfaces. The water-resistant feature of the strong and durable upper will keep your feet dry all the time while it releases static electricity into the ground.

For welding purposes, these shoes provide ample protection so you can constantly focus on your work without worrying about your safety.

The overall design of these boots is great except for the toe area, which is a bit on the narrow side. Even those who don’t have very wide feet may experience some discomfort after wearing them for a few hours.

Even though they say these boots are breathable, they do not get rid of the bad smell right away. This is not good if you are working around other people and you need to take off your safety boots at some point.


  • Comes with a very affordable price tag
  • They are available in two colors
  • Comes with an easy slip-on option
  • These are very safe work boots


  • The design of these boots is a bit narrow
  • You may experience a bad smell after time

8-Inch Sledge Metatarsal EH Work Boot For Men From Michelin

41 MJG q37L. SL500

Michelin is known for their top-quality craftsmanship and top-of-the-range safety gear, including their safety boots. You will find these work boots come with great features added to make them very comfortable to wear while also keeping your feet protected.


Even though they do not come in darker colors, these boots display well when you wear them to make them very stylish. In addition to their protection features, these shoes are versatile and functional.

The strong rubber soles provide ample protection when you move around on rough and uneven terrain with better gripping options. You can be sure of your footing with these safety boots when you move around on unsafe surfaces and areas.

100 percent leather materials for the upper provides ample protection against heat and debris from welding and heavy objects. This safety feature is enhanced with the metatarsal guard added for better protection.

They are designed to be comfortable to wear for many hours without breaks to keep your feet safe and secure all the time. With the ergonomic inner design, you will find that your feet will not get tired quickly so you can focus on your work quality.

The extra height added to these boots provides added protection for your lower legs from hot welding debris. The overall design and construction make this a versatile safety boot for different applications.

Unfortunately, these safety boots are unavailable in most foot sizes, so they are not for everyone. You will not find larger sizes and wide sizes for those people with wider feet. Maybe in the future?

The eyelets from Michelin safety boots come with burrs that cut through the laces very quickly and easily. This means you are going to keep on replacing laces on a regular basis for the time you use these boots.


  • Extra height added for better protection
  • A very durable design and construction
  • Comfortable with ergonomic design
  • These boots are safe to wear


  • They are not available in most feet sizes
  • The eyelets for laces may destroy the laces


The pair of safety boots that stand out among these are the Timberland Pro 53530 8-Inch MetGuard with durable construction and overall safety features. A worthy second option is the Iron Age GroundBreaker Work boots, which have all the best safety features as well as an affordable price tag.

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