My Story

Hi there! I am James K. Campbell, founder of I started welding out of curiosity and it has become my passion later on.

The story behind starting this blog is very simple. I was already sharing my experiences and opinions over the internet on many forums and discussion boards. And one of my friends, Alfred, who is also a welding geek and has his own workshop downtown, suggested why don’t keep an online journal of my own and that seemed to be a great idea.

Here I will try to share with you the latest hacks and tools mostly from my own experiences. I will do some product reviews as well. I love to keep myself updated with the latest additions to the welding world, therefore you can expect to find all the latest information here.

Feel free to share your own thoughts and experiences. I will be more than happy to listen. However as I maintain this as a journal and only sit down at night with my iPad, you might not always find immediate replies from me.

Keep that Hood Down!

James K. Campbell





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