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types of welding joints

5 Types of Welding Joints

Welding is a craft that can be pretty challenging to grasp fully. It requires a lot of training, patience, and creativity. To get the job done in the right and best way possible, a welder needs to have a deep knowledge of the various styles and techniques used in this profession. Knowing the different types …

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What is Undercut in Welding

Welding is never a simple task as it sounds. Probably the first time you tried welding, you ended up with a deformed weld. This can be because you have a weak point in your weld making it less durable. This deformity is what is called undercutting. Undercutting diminishes your weld quality.  Undercutting in welding is …

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how to change liner in mig welder

How to Change Liner in MIG Welder

A good MIG liner is a gem. Liners can break or make the MIG welder performance bad which is why it’s advisable to regularly clean your liner for better performance. Occasional cleaning gets rid of the drag or buildup. Remember, the liner is a consumable meaning that eventually you will have to replace it completely. …

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