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eastwood welder reviews

Eastwood Welder Reviews 2021

Eastwood is a trusted name in the metal finishing industry, thanks to its wide selection of tools and equipment. With over 40 years of being in the industry, they have already perfected their craft to provide us with the best DIY automotive equipment. Among the equipment that helped it build its reputable brand are its welding machines.

One such machine is the compact and powerful Eastwood MIG 135 Welder. This MIG welder can also perform flux-core welding processes with a welding range from 25 to 135 amps. It is also made of premium materials that stay true to the Eastwood brand – but we’ll discuss more on this item later.

In this article, we’ll provide you with Eastwood welder reviews to help you consider which machine works best for your needs. Read on to know more about the features of each machine, and why it might be the best pick for you.

Eastwood 175 MIG Welder Review

eastwood 175 mig welder

The EASTWOOD MIG 175 Welder is a professional-quality welding machine that’s available at an affordable price. This Eastwood MIG Welder is an advancement over Eastwood Tig 200 dc Welder as it works on both AC and DC. 

This sturdy-built machine can operate either in 110-volt or 220-volt power supplies, so you can use it virtually anywhere you want. And thanks to its high-frequency start, this welding machine provides you with precise arc control to guarantee the best welding result. 

The powerful Eastwood MIG 175 Welder welds aluminum, stainless steel, and mild steel.  It welds titanium as well. 

It also has a square-wave inverter that helps with aluminum welding accuracy plus it uses a WP 17 type torch that accepts common cups and collins. This machine can weld with excellent precision – as long as it’s within the limit of a 1/4-inch thick

We also love that this welder has a user-friendly interface, so even beginners can get started after seeing any MIG welding video on Youtube. The opportunity of switching to stick welding in no time gives you the versatility you need when you’re fabricating or restoring a car or doing a repair around the house and garage.  

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  • It has a user-friendly interface and is easy to operate 
  • This unit comes with everything you need to get started with, plug, regulator, hose, clamp, collets, nozzles, pedal, shield, brush, cap you name it! 
  • Comes with a regulator and hose long 10-foot ground cable and an even longer 14-foot tig torch cable, very flexible to work with 
  • Works with both AC and DC 
  • It has an impressive 60% duty cycle at 190 AMPS at both ac and dc. 
  • The stick welding feature has a 60% duty cycle at 140 AMPS 
  • I have also used it for stick welding and it just takes a flip of the switch! 
  • Doesn’t require previous welding experience to operate, it has high recommendations from beginners. Equally recommended by professional welders as well. 
  • You will find your consumables on amazon.com and most stores that sell welding supplies. 
  • Budget-Friendly Price 
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty! How about that? 


  • You are stuck with the foot pedal, no option for roller switch 
  • Won’t accept MIG spool gun 
  • Lacks ‘Scratch Start’ feature 

Eastwood MIG 135 Welder Review

eastwood mig 135 welder

If you’re a MIG welder, then Eastwood also has an option for you. The Eastwood MIG 135 Welder has a welding range from 25 to 135 amps, allowing you to weld through a variety of materials.

For mild steel and stainless steel, it can weld as thin as 24-gauge, up to 3/16 inch thick with solid core wire, and up to 0.25 inch thick with flux core wire. This gives you the flexibility to produce intricate metalwork on your projects. It can be easily paired with other Eastwood accessories to help you weld aluminum efficiently.

This welder is compatible with the 120-volt current, which is the standard in most homes. This means that even home welders won’t have a problem with running this inside their home workshop.

The Eastwood MIG 135 Welder, like most of Eastwood’s welders, has an easy-to-use control panel that helps you easily set it up and get into welding. It also comes with a Tweco-style torch, and an 8-feet ground cable, and a clamp. All of these features and accessories make MIG welding more convenient.

This Eastwood welder can also be used for flux-core welding, so you don’t need a separate machine for that.

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  • It is easy to use and control
  • It has a wide welding range
  • It can perform MIG and flux-core welding processes
  • It offers great value for the money


  • As of the time of writing, there are no negative reviews of this item

Eastwood TIG 200 Digital Review

eastwood tig 200 digital welder

For those who are looking to do full-scale restoration work requiring different welding processes, then you need a compact multi-process welder to make everything more convenient for you. Fortunately, the Eastwood TIG200 Welder is the perfect heavy-duty welder for your multi-process needs.

This welder can perform MIG, TIG, Stick, and flux-core welding in one compact machine. Instead of switching between different welders, you simply have to switch torches and you are good to go. This helps you save a lot of time from having to move from one place to another.

This powerful machine can weld steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and other sheet metals up to half an inch in thickness. However, you may need additional accessories for MIG welding aluminum.

The Eastwood TIG200 Welder uses an IGBT inverter-based power supply for more efficient and controlled welding. It also operates on either 120-volt or 240-volt currents, so you can use it wherever you want to work. And while we’re on the subject of welding from wherever you want to, it also comes with a 10-foot power cord for maximum area flexibility.

Although this machine is made for more experienced welders, it has a simple and easy-to-use control panel, so setting up won’t be a problem.

Overall, the Eastwood MP250I Welder is a powerful multi-process welder that can help you with full restorations and other heavy-duty metal works.

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  • It can perform multiple welding processes
  • It has a simple and easy to use panel
  • It is a powerful machine that can weld a variety of materials
  • It offers great value for the money


  • The accessories are sold separately
  • It is bulkier than other multi-process welders

Final Verdict

Without a doubt, Eastwood is a notable brand that provides users with premium and professional-quality welders for a fraction of the price of others. This is the reason why Eastwood welder reviews are always so positive.

With the varying needs of its users in mind, you can find the perfect welder from its wide range of equipment. For example, TIG welders will find the Eastwood TIG 200 Digital Welder ideal for beginners, home fabricators, and professionals. On the other hand, the Eastwood MIG 135 Welder is a simple yet powerful machine for MIG welding.

And for heavy-duty welders, the multi-process Eastwood MIG 175 Welder will make your work hassle-free.

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