Best Welding Jackets – Complete Reviews with Comparison

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Welding jackets are essential components of welding safety gear that guarantee the protection of your arms and body from radiation, burns, spatter, and cuts. There are two primary types of welding jackets which are cotton and leather. Cotton offers light welding application protection, whereas leather provides much more thorough protection. Therefore, if you intend to do stick or overhead welding, you will require a complete leather jacket.

A welding jacket, apron, or coat is an important component of your protective equipment as you weld. As you continue with your welding project, your vulnerable body parts are shielded from weld heat, splatter, sparks, and UV radiation. The jacket will also shield you from severe exposure and burns.

The best welding jackets are made of thermally-insulated and fire-resistant materials to ensure adequate welder protection. In worksites or industrial settings, entities such as OSHA require employees to be issued personal protective equipment like welding jackets that meet stringent safety requirements. Looking for such a jacket? In this article, we review the best welding jackets this year.  

Comparison Chart

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Lincoln Electric Premium Flame Resistant
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Black Stallion FN9-30C 30″ 9oz.
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Leaseek Leather Welding Jacket
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Waylander DURIN Welding Jacket
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Revco BX9C BSX Stryker Welding Jacket

Best Welding Jackets Reviews

Lincoln Flame Resistant Jacket

31XDtwOoseL. SL500

The Lincoln Welding Jacket features a flame-impeding material that meets the standards of ASTM D6413 while still offering comfort as you wear it. Its flip-up collar has a mildew-resistant and anti-static coating to guarantee extra protection. The cuffs are also adjustable. If your desire is for your welding jacket to have multi-woven stitching, be durable, and remain comfortable for you to weld in, then look no further than the Lincoln Premium Cotton Welding Jacket.


The Lincoln FR jacket is a lightweight jacket and among the top-rated cotton welding jackets available on the market. The jacket is made durable from deluxe flame-blocking material that has enhanced durability thanks to the anti-static and anti-mildew coating. Additionally, you can wash this welding jacket by machine 50 times. It also has multi-layered seams that enhance its longevity and prevent it from tearing.

The jacket suits light welding tasks such as low amperage MIG and position TIG. Its flip-up collar helps protect the neck and the adjustable cuffs with snaps offer excellent wrist protection. In addition, its lightweight fabric is breathable and has a pretty small fit. As such, go for a fit one size up from your standard fit for enhanced comfort. 

With the jacket, you will find a single pocket inside where you can store tools. It is also more costly than other cotton welding jackets, though from its durability, investing in it can ultimately save you money that would have otherwise gone to replacing it. 

This premium fire-resistant cotton jacket puts off flames and makes the jacket breathable and lightweight. The flame-resistance capability is not lost provided you do not wash it more than 50 times and will thus maintain its good look for several years.


  • It can be washed by machine
  • Made of premium FR cotton
  • Has a flip-up collar
  • The cuffs are adjustable


  • Pocket placement is inconvenient 
  • Significantly loses flame resistance after 50 washes

Black Stallion Welding Jacket

41pkzvwZepL. SL500

Black Stallion is among the top-rated superior welding jacket manufacturers in the industry. Their model, the Black Stallion FN9-30C, is equipped with all important features and an enhanced design to help you feel more comfortable wearing it.

The jacket is made of breathable 9 oz flame-resistant cotton, making it durable, flexible, and lightweight for easy and comfortable movement. In addition, it offers you better neck performance thanks to its welder’s collar. Its six appropriate snap buttons, including the collar button, have a leather reinforcement with the scribe pocket handy for holding paint makers, welding pencils, and soapstone. The inside pocket can accommodate and keep small items safe as you weld.


The Black Stallion FN9 jacket is a navy flame-resistant welding jacket (cotton) that offers dependable protection in light welding tasks. It features six appropriate snap buttons and a collar button to offer improved neck protection as you weld. In addition, every snap has a leather reinforcement that enhances durability.

Moreover, the jacket also features an interior pocket that helps keep your small items safe as you weld. The jacket is 30 inches in length and is available in various sizes ranging from 6XL to small.

You can use this cotton welding jacket for your protection during light welding applications as it will shield you from the flame. This jacket can withstand an upper limit of 9 oz flames, with the jacket’s welder’s collar ensuring your neck remains protected throughout your welding task. 

Comfort is guaranteed with this TruGuard 200 fire-resistant cotton welding jacket, with the Black Stallion cotton making it even more durable. In addition, the FN9-30C welding jacket is made of superior quality, flame-resistant cotton for guaranteed protection during welding.


  • Offers dependable light welding task protection
  • Collar offers extra neck protection
  • It has a scribe pocket, snap wrists, and inside pockets
  • Attractive navy color
  • Available in different sizes


  • Unsuitable for heavy or medium welding tasks
  • Not the best quality heat resistance

Leaseek Heavy Duty Leather Welding Jacket

51cfHvIDMfL. SL500

The Leaseek brand is behind dependable welding safety gear, including aprons, jackets, spats, and gloves. The Leaseek Leather Welding Jacket is designed from cowhide leather with flame and heat resistance capabilities. It is available in a brown color and has a stylish design. Furthermore, its usage is not restricted to welding as you can wear it while doing other machining jobs such as torch work, blacksmithing, automotive repair, and woodworking. 


This leather welding jacket from Leaseek is more than just a jacket – it is a leather welding apron you can attach to leather sleeves. With this, the ensemble becomes more multi-functional since it can be used for manufacturing, welding, blacksmithing, woodworking, and automotive work.

The jacket has a special open-back design to help you remain cool as you work in warmer environments. It uses Kevlar heat-resistant threads in its stitches, guaranteeing enhanced durability. Though it is typical for spats and sparks to land on your jacket, marks are not left behind while using this jacket. Its buttons are designed using deluxe heavyweight metal to ensure they do not quickly wear out. Also, it has a pair of pockets on either sleeve to conveniently carry tools as you weld.

The heavy-duty flame and heat-resistant split cowhide leather provide complete coverage as you work on your projects. However, its collar hangs relatively low, and therefore you might need to be keen to shield this sensitive and vital region.  

Flame-resistant Kevlar thread is utilized in stitching the apron together. And with provisions such as the tool pockets on the sleeves, you are guaranteed to complete tasks efficiently and safely. An additional bonus is the 100% satisfaction guarantee or complete refund that Leaseek promises, meaning you have nothing to lose. 

This is a great opportunity if your desire is welding with minimal to no challenges. The fireproof Leaseek welding jacket has an open-back design, allowing utmost air penetration to keep you cool.

Additionally, the durable US Kevlar thread stitching is also heat resistant. The leather material is heatproof and shields the body from spatter, sparks, and heat. On either sleeve of the jacket, you can use a soapstone pocket to conveniently store your tools. 


  • Top-quality heavyweight metal buttons
  • Durable thanks to heat-resistant US Kevlar threads
  • Tool-carrying pockets on either sleeve
  • Flame and heat-resistant cowhide leather design
  • Open back design for aeration 


  • Rough handling removes the buttons
  • Potent cowhide smell

Waylander DURIN Jacket

41pSJq1UNdL. SL500

The Waylander DURIN Welding Jacket is heavy-duty, making it well-suited for MIG and stick welding – tasks that include significant spatter. In addition, it features split cowhide shoulders and rams to provide optimum protection against heat and sparks. The fire-resistant cotton body also keeps your body cool in hot environments.  

It has lined sleeves that improve movement and a velcro-sealed snap button to shield against objects that penetrate the jacket. Its cuffs are adjustable, with the stitching made of Kevlar to enhance flame resistance. Three large interior pockets serve as handy tool storage locations. The jacket is available in six sizes that range from 4XL to medium and is the perfect welding jacket if you want guaranteed protection.


If your preference is a welding jacket that has a lightweight feel while still providing excellent protection, then you will appreciate this Waylander jacket. With it, you get complete protection from slag, spatter, and heat. It accomplishes this while remaining versatile and comfortable. It is a unique welding jacket with a shell made of two distinct materials. 

The jacket’s shoulder, neck, and sleeve design utilize long-lasting, grade-A cowhide leather. The back and front of the jacket are mostly made of a superior quality, thick cotton material. In addition, the whole jacket utilizes flame-resistant Kevlar thread for stitching, meaning there will not be any worries of any platter, slag, or heat penetrating through the jacket. The jacket is also comfortable and well-functional.

The split cotton and leather shell significantly reduce the jacket’s overall weight. The cotton also allows you to move with greater mobility and flexibility and reduces heat buildup as you work while wearing it. The interior of the jacket is as impressive as its outer shell. It has satin-lined sleeves making it easier to put the sleeves on and adding to your comfort while wearing the welding jacket.

The sleeves offer complete adjustability using several buttons. Therefore, regardless of the thinness or thickness of your arms, you are guaranteed that they will fit inside the sleeves. There are also interior pockets with the jacket. Additionally, you can have your items with you and keep them safe as you weld inside the pockets. The jacket is available in various sizes ranging from 4XL to medium.


  • Split cowhide sleeves
  • You can adjust the cuffs
  • Has snap buttons
  • Satin-lined sleeves


  • Movement restriction by the collar
  • It is costly

Revco Welding Jacket

41iX76krwdL. SL500

The Revco BX9C welding jacket is a flame-resistant jacket with an aesthetic red and black flame design. The design features tilted opening scribe pockets, a stand-up collar, an extended front for enhanced protection and better appearance, and an inner zippered pocket. In addition, its contemporary contours and variable waist straps make for a sharper-looking and better-fitting jacket while also providing enhanced protection and better comfort. 


This lightweight Revco Welding Jacket is a 9 oz flame-resistant fabric jacket. It is lighter and cooler for welding over the months of summer or in instances where you want to do MIG or TIG welding at reduced amperage and do not wish to deal with the additional weight. This is particularly important with TIG welding performing more delicate tasks. It is also an excellent choice if you have a quick task you need to do on the flux core welder

The welding jacket has an adjustable, tall collar to provide utmost neck protection and shield it from flying spatter and radiation burns. Its adjustable cuffs keep sparks and debris from finding their way into your sleeves, while the flexible waist facilitates excellent fitting. It also has interior zippered pockets where you can store your gloves.

A fantastic aspect of the Revco welding jacket is that the Revco brand is a part of the Black Stallion brand. Therefore, you are assured of the top-tier quality from Black Stallion that provides a complete range of coverage and comfort per your current task and prevailing weather. 


  • Adjustable collar
  • 9 oz heavyweight fabric
  • Professional appearance
  • Cooler than leather
  • Adjustable wrist cuffs


  • Less durable than leather
  • Washer shrinks it

Final Verdict

Your safety is the most important aspect of any welding project. Welding jackets protect your wrists, upper hands, torso, and neck from debris and other projectiles. Therefore, it is important that you get only the best quality jackets.

This review compiles some of the best welding jackets that are durable, efficient, and capable of providing the utmost protection as you engage in your welding tasks. Moreover, they have cotton linings for your comfort, and each one of them is ideal for both TIG and MIG welding. Stay safe as you work on your next welding project.

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