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Welding carts are excellent accessories for welders. They are highly convenient and offer storage space and cabinets to organize your equipment. However, most welding equipment is heavy, large, and rugged. Therefore, your welding cart needs to be made of strong, durable material, have a high load capacity, and have enough shelves and storage spaces to accommodate your tools.

Moreover, the cart should be portable and easy to move to where the job takes you. We took the liberty of saving you from the exhausting search involved when looking for an ideal welding cart and compiled five of the best welding carts that meet these standards. Read on.

Comparison Chart

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Eastwood MIG TIG Plasma Welding Durable Cart
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Goplus Welder Cart
41z2Qyyec9L. SL500
Hot Max WC100 Welding/Plasma Cutter Cart
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VIVOHOME Iron 3 Tiers Rolling Welding Cart
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Performance Tool W53992 Universal Mobile Welding Cart

Best Welding Cart Reviews

1. Eastwood MIG TIG Welding Cart

41ptNN3psDL. SL500

Since 1978, Eastwood has always been in the do-it-yourself community. They have attended car shows, listened to consumers, and witnessed how their products have satisfied customers everywhere. Eastwood has offered solutions through their 4000+ exceptional products to help their customers be efficient and do their job right. They are known for their indoor product designs and record of superb quality goods, which makes this Eastwood cart worthy of mention in our list of best welding carts.   


When you first receive the package, you will find a welding cart inside with instructions on assembling it. You might also find a six-year manufacturer’s certificate, though this is optional. Setting it up is relatively easy. It consists of heavy gauge metal and the overall kit is of sturdy construction. They did the painting well; you don’t have to worry about rusting. The manufacturers cut the metal corners and edges beautifully and the casters and wheels are of superb quality. You should source other bolts and nuts, however, as these could be better. Find some grade 8 hardware or stainless steel. The nuts and bolts this cart comes with are not durable.     

The Eastwood welder cart has a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds. It can simultaneously hold the Plasma Cutter and Welders Plus. There is a gas mount with a holder that stores around six separate filler rod tubes. It also has two side hooks that allow for cable storage.  

Everything is easily accessible from the shelves and allows for smooth maneuverability. The top shelf holds the TIG-200, MIG 135, or MIG 175. Regarding the middle shelf, you can store any necessary welding equipment and accessories, while the bottom shelf is for the Versa Cut Plasma Cutter. Overall, it is a decent welding cart and will serve you well. It is durable, sturdy, and of great design.


  • Sturdy and durable cart
  • Edges and corners have excellent cutting
  • Great wheels and casters
  • Easy to assemble courtesy of the clear instructions
  • Conveniently placed shelves that serve their purpose


  • You should get new bolts and nuts if you desire durability

2. GoPlus Welder Cart

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For years now, GoPlus have been popular in providing cost-effective tools that feature stylish designs and impressive technology. In alignment with their core values, GoPlus tools aim to provide their customers with efficiency. GoPlus promotes a “do it by yourself” attitude, aiming to spark creativity and productivity through its tools. Some of their products include automotive tools, repair tools, hand tools, power tools, and many others. Their tools help you do your job perfectly; this is true for the GoPlus welder cart.


The GoPlus welder cart comes with durable construction; it constitutes premium steel and is also fully painted to prevent wearing off and rusting. You, therefore, don’t have to worry much about durability. The GoPlus welder cart is perfect for TIG/ARC/MIG plasma cutters. Setting it up is relatively easy; it will take around 30 minutes and a couple of wrenches. The process might seem complicated and tedious if it is your first time assembling. All the components you need to set it up are in the packaging. For protection, the manufacturer has them in thin plastic stretch padding and rigid Styrofoam to prevent denting or scratching.

For efficiency, it comes with four sturdy drawers where you can organize your tools and keep everything nice and neat. The top drawer is lockable; you can use it to store things you don’t want to be easily accessible to others. Your gas cylinder should always be secure for several safety reasons. To help with that, the GoPlus welder cart has two safety chains and a back shelf to put the gas cylinder. 

For most carts, the ease of moving it around is, at times, the dealbreaker. With this cart, it is pretty simple. It has four wheels in total, two of which are 2.5 inches. These are universal wheels capable of a 360-degree swivel for easy maneuverability. The two others are fixed and are 6 inches; their job is to provide added stability. You can use this welder cart in your workshop or home garage since it is fully capable of handling most of the tasks you throw at it. It has a weight capacity of 100 pounds and gives you spacious storage room for great tools. The tilt-top shelf allows for easy accessibility and there are extra hooks where you can hang your welding gun. 


  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Convenient safety chain
  • A lockable drawer is handy to have
  • It is easy to move it around
  • More than enough weight capacity 


  • It can be tedious to assemble

3. Hot Max WC100 Cart

41z2Qyyec9L. SL500

It is necessary to have various equipment and accessories whenever you want to fabricate, cut metal, or polish multiple surfaces. This is what Hot Max thought when making the Hot Max WC100 Cart. The company invested resources in making this cart to ensure less hassle for MIG and plasma welders. You will love this product’s convenience, from its zinc-plated body to its easy-to-pull handle. Here are more features of this excellent product. 


The first thing you will notice about this product is its construction. It has a steel construction, so you won’t have to change the cart after a few months of usage. In addition, the zinc-plated parts prevent rusting, so you don’t have to worry about placing any metal on this cart. 

When using a MIG welder, the two safety chains ensure your gas tanks are secure. Therefore, you can move the cart around without worrying about your tanks falling. In addition, thanks to the 2.5-inch front castors and 6-inch back wheels, you can easily move your equipment and accessories. 

What’s more, this product has ample storage space. The cart has an extra tray that provides an area where you can store your welding accessories. You won’t have to leave the angle grinder, gloves, and fire extinguisher behind. 

Moreover, this product’s size makes it suitable for most MIG and plasma machines. So, whatever brand of MIG and plasma equipment you have, it is sure to fit nicely on this cart. 

Another good thing about this cart is that the handles are of a sturdy build and they don’t get in the way of the leads. This means you can push the cart without hindrance from the accessories and equipment you carry. 

It won’t take you long to assemble this piece of equipment. Thanks to the user manual that is easy to read and follow, you can assemble it in just a few minutes. In addition, the product comes with extra bolts, so if you lose one, you can replace it without much worry. 

On the downside, one complaint about this product is that it comes smaller than it appears. This means it’s not ideal for those working with large and heavy equipment. It can also feel too short for people over six feet tall. 


  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy build
  • Suitable for most MIG and plasma machines
  • It comes with two safety chains


  • Smaller than it appears

4. VIVOHOME Iron 3 Tiers Cart

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Vivohome is a high-end company committed to creating a comfortable lifestyle for you. The company focuses on making life convenient by producing high-quality products. One product that can make life easier for you is the VIVOHOME Iron 3-Tier Cart. This cart has extended chains for your gas tanks and an ergonomic handle for convenience and comfort. Here are other unique features of this product. 


First, this product has a heavy-duty construction. With such a construction, you are assured that this product will serve you for years. Besides its heavy-duty construction, this welding cart has a full black coating that is rust-proof and sturdy. The thickness of the body is 0.4 inches, making it possible for you to carry up to 176 pounds of welding equipment and accessories. 

In addition, you will love the design of this welding cart. It has a three-level shelf that offers enough space to store your welding equipment and accessories. Moreover, the top shelf is tilted, making reaching the welder controls more accessible. Plus, there is a sizable rear rack with two safety chains. The safety chains let you anchor your welding equipment gas tank to ensure it does not fall when pushing the cart. 

You will love the wheels on this cart. They are made of heavy-duty PVC, where the two large back wheels provide stability when carrying heavy loads, whereas the two front wheels let you push the cart in any direction as they have 360 degrees of rotation. Therefore, you can move your welding cart without any screeching noise. 

Practicality is another thing that you will find in this cart. This equipment is convenient for transporting most ARC and MIG welding machines and plasma cutters while offering ample space for your welding accessories. So, you can use this cart for your repair shop, home garage, or workshop. 

On the flip side, this product does has a flaw. The welding cart does not come with a user guide, so assembling the parts without it can become challenging. 


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Heavy-duty PVC wheels
  • Convenient for most welding machines
  • Ample space for welding accessories


  • Hard to assemble

5. Performance Tool W53992 Welding Cart

41HkeWswU L. SL500

Performance Tool is a brand owned by Wilmar Corporation, one of the world’s largest agribusiness companies. Some of Wilmar Corporation’s activities include merchandising, processing, and distribution of agricultural products. Due to the company’s activities, it saw a need for a product to help move welding equipment and accessories more easily. An example of such a product is the Performance Tool W53992 Universal Mobile Welding Cart. This welding cart has large wheels for more effortless movement and additional trays for more storage space. Here is a review of this product’s features. 


Professional welders will love how this equipment eases their day-to-day activities. In addition, you can carry all your welding accessories and equipment thanks to the 3-inch front swivel castors and the 7.5-inch back wheels. So, if you have a MIG welder, an angle grinder, a fire extinguisher, and other accessories. You can carry all of them at once with this universal welding cart. 

Your MIG welder has gas tanks that can fall when moving around. However, you don’t have to worry about this when using this product. The welding cart has two safety chains that help you hold the gas tanks in place, ensuring they don’t shake or fall when pushing the cart. 

This product has been tried and tested to ensure it reaches industrial standards. Every part of this welding cart has been tested to ensure it is sturdy, has an amazing finish, and can be used for a lifetime. On top of that, you get a lifetime warranty giving you the confidence that the essential parts of this cart are covered. 

In addition, this welding cart comes with two extra trays. The trays provide an area where you can store additional welding accessories. What’s more, this tool is compatible with many manufacturers’ plasma cutters and MIG welders. 

On the downside, it will take some time to assemble all the parts. 


  • It has two safety chains
  • Additional trays for more storage 
  • Durable finish
  • Tried and tested product


  • Hard to assemble


All the welding carts reviewed in this article are great for increasing productivity and convenience. They all come with wheels that make them easy to transport and sizable shelves to accommodate most welding equipment. However, if you want drawers, we recommend the GoPlus welder cart. For those looking for a high-weight capacity, get the Eastwood welding cart, for it has an impressive weight capacity of 350 pounds. 

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