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In this category, we cover all the basics of welding. Includes types, positions, techniques, defects, DIY projects, automotive welding, and how-to guides.

How Strong is Silver Solder?

Typically speaking, Silver soldering offers a semi-permanent type of joint that can easily withstand bending, twisting. It won’t break down while doing regular tasks. Technically speaking, it has a tensile strength ranging from 40,000 to 70,000 psi (pounds per square inch). It means you can put on average 50,000 pound weight on a 1 inch …

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can you weld galvanized steel

Can you Weld Galvanized Steel

Welding galvanized steel needs prepping first for it to weld like undercoat carbon steel. Attempting to weld galvanized steel without first removing the galvanizing coat results in formation of weld pop, or blow out which creates a health hazard. Can you weld galvanized steel? This depends on your preparation.  How to Prep Galvanized Steel for …

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